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Here at Ellicott City Pharmacy, your health is important to us. We work on treating the whole person, not individual ailments. We specialize in providing safe, natural treatments to people of all ages. Our specialty is combining holistic remedies  with modern medicine to treat the mind, body and soul. Our knowledgeable staff are available to answer your questions . Contact us now to speak with a staff member about our services and how we can help you.
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The pharmacists here actually respect your time and privacy. I waited less  then 5 minutes for a prescription which was awesome. The pharmacist there was super nice and to educate me on taking a new medication. I actually walk out of this place with a smile.
Andy L.
Mrs.Kim will go above and beyond to do what she can for you.The other ladies that work there are the same way i never had a problem there.I live in Baltimore and come here when ever i need anything or just need advice..Great Place and LOVELY PEOPLE
Kelli Johnson
I thought this kind of personal service was no more but Joan has proved me wrong!
Vyness Pantano
Your pharmacy is a place for healing.
Scott L.
I can't thank you and Joan enough for the class. It was so relaxing and informative. I loved trying new foods and new supplements. It was interesting hearing from the other women as well.
I just had to tell you that truly, the Olive Leaf is a Miracle Drug. I have both my parents taking it daily, a family friend and myself. Everyone with arthritis type symptoms sees improvement and I get other benefits from it, which will remain unnamed. :)
Nurse in DC
If anyone in my house gets sick, before I call the doctor, I call Joan. Joan Kim is my pharmacist. She is nutritionist-herbalist-healer-story-teller-pharmacist all wrapped up in one.
P. Kim
Friendly, yet professional: Don't let the fact that these folks will remember your kids' names fool you; they are total professionals. I have been impressed by their breadth of knowledge and their willingness to balance medical and natural remedies. This pharmacy is the best of both worlds; top professionals providing personal service.
E. Henning