I actually walk out of this place with a smile.

The pharmacists here actually respect your time and privacy. I waited less  then 5 minutes for a prescription which was awesome. The pharmacist there was super nice and to educate me on taking a new medication. I actually walk out of this place with a smile.

Andy L. | 11/01/2017 | read full testimonial »

Love this pharmacy

Mrs.Kim will go above and beyond to do what she can for you.The other ladies that work there are the same way i never had a problem there.I live in Baltimore and come here when ever i need anything or just need advice..Great Place and LOVELY PEOPLE

Kelli Johnson | | read full testimonial »

Personal service.

I thought this kind of personal service was no more but Joan has proved me wrong!

Vyness Pantano | | read full testimonial »

…a wonderful personal touch

Your pharmacy is a place for healing.

Scott L. | 11.7.2014 | read full testimonial »

Relaxing and informative classes!

I can't thank you and Joan enough for the class. It was so relaxing and informative. I loved trying new foods and new supplements. It was interesting hearing from the other women as well.

JM | December 2013 | read full testimonial »

Miracle Drug!

I just had to tell you that truly, the Olive Leaf is a Miracle Drug. I have both my parents taking it daily, a family friend and myself. Everyone with arthritis type symptoms sees improvement and I get other benefits from it, which will remain unnamed. :)

Nurse in DC | 2013 | read full testimonial »

Medicine Woman

If anyone in my house gets sick, before I call the doctor, I call Joan. Joan Kim is my pharmacist. She is nutritionist-herbalist-healer-story-teller-pharmacist all wrapped up in one.

P. Kim | 2011 | read full testimonial »

Friendly, yet professional

Friendly, yet professional: Don't let the fact that these folks will remember your kids' names fool you; they are total professionals. I have been impressed by their breadth of knowledge and their willingness to balance medical and natural remedies. This pharmacy is the best of both worlds; top professionals providing personal service.

E. Henning | 2011 | read full testimonial »

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