Medicine Woman

If anyone in my house gets sick, before I call the doctor, I call Joan. Joan Kim is my pharmacist. She is nutritionist-herbalist-healer-story-teller-pharmacist all wrapped up in one. Go to Joan, and she will not only fill your prescriptions, but advise you on what’s best to eat while you’re under the weather, what to avoid, offer herbal supplements, try to get to the root of your illness, and even recommend something for the air you breathe. She believes your mind, body and spirit are intimately connected. She’s thorough and generous with her knowledge, wisdom, and experience. You’re not going to get that at Target.

Six years ago, Joan started Main Street Pharmacy in Laurel, MD and recently sold it to build a second full service pharmacy in Ellicott City, MD. Full service anything nowadays is hard to find. Visit her at Ellicott City Pharmacy. She’s especially good with women’s health needs (don’t be shy; ask her about the Diva Cup), lactating mothers and children with allergies. By the way, she herself is a mother of six. Yes, six children.


P. Kim