Nutrition Counseling

Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, Jason Bosley-Smith, MS, CSCS, FDN is available both in person (in the pharmacy) as well as over the phone/Skype for private consultations.


Integrative Nutrition consultations begin with a thorough review of your health & medical history, current signs and symptoms, and a review of you present dietary habits as indicated by a 3-day food log. In addition, your consultation will include a detailed nutritional bloodwork analysis of standard and/or functional lab tests – these can include basic panels you’ve recently received from your physician. All of these intake forms and labs are completed and sent at least 3 days prior to your consultation.

Prior to meeting with Jason, he will conduct a comprehensive case review and during your initial consultation, will ask you to elaborate on your goals, working in partnership with you to develop the most effective intervention possible. The resulting protocol may include specific dietary and supplement recommendations, lifestyle modifications, and recommendations for additional lab tests that you can request from your doctor. Jason will deliver your protocol to you in electronic format, with a number of additional resources and notes to ensure you fully understand how to implement each recommendation.

Upon conclusion of your consultation, Jason will schedule you for a follow-up visit 4-6 weeks from the time of your initial session; scheduling this appointment prior to finishing with your first session ensures your spot will be reserved and helps encourage you to adhere to your program for maximum results.


Initial Nutrition Consultation (90 minutes): $120

Follow-up Sessions (60 minutes): $90

Nutritional Bloodwork Analysis (30 minutes): $50

To schedule your appointment, simply click here and select the day and time most convenient for you. Once you’ve set your appointment, you’ll receive an email with all of your new client intake forms.

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